Billboard Encourages Violence “Kill the NRA” In Response To Deep State Orchestrated Shooting In Florida


“The Militia Act of 1903 Made Gun Control Illegal” (read more)

By Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars, 2/20/2018

A message that reads “kill the NRA” has appeared on a billboard in Louisville in response to last week’s school shooting.

The billboard, which appears on Interstate 65 in Louisville, was an act of vandalism, according to Outfront Media, the business that owns the sign.

The words “Resist 45” also appear on the sign, a reference to the “resistance” movement against the presidency of Donald Trump.

A spokeswoman for Outfront Media confirmed that the sign, which has been in place since Friday, was not part of an ad buy and that it is in the process of being taken down, although there was no sign of that happening on Monday evening.

“Some commuters thought the vandalized message encouraged violence,” reports Wave 3 News.

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