BOYCOTT: Dick’s Sporting Goods Removing All Items Promoting 2nd Amendment, Patriotism, American Flags, Firefighters, Police, Soldiers, Hunters, etc.


“The Militia Act of 1903 Made Gun Control Illegal” (read more)

By Dan Lyman, NewWars, 3/5/2018

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Dick’s Sporting Goods is moving beyond banning the sale of ‘assault rifles,’ ordering stores to purge items promoting the Second Amendment, patriotism and gun culture as well, according to employees.

In the wake of the Parkland massacre in February, Dick’s announced that in addition to the ‘assault rifle’ ban, customers under the age of 21 would no longer be allowed to purchase any firearms, regardless of federal or local laws – even if they had ordered a rifle prior to the new policies or were serving in the military.

As well, they discontinued the sale of a variety of accessories for rifles – sights, stocks, foregrips, rails, and even brass catchers.

Dick’s has also begun to remove a variety of gun-related merchandise from their inventory, including ‘Come and Take It’ patches, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ and ‘Molon Labe’ memorabilia, products bearing NRA branding, and even some apparel exhibiting the American flag.

“It isn’t just AR’s that they’re pulling from shelves, it’s anything related to the Second Amendment, America, or defending yourself,” a Dick’s employee told Infowars. “There was a Ruger branded sign that says ‘Second Amendment Avenue’ on it, and even though it was displayed as part of a collector’s series package, we had to get that off the wall.”

The employee also noted that garden gnomes dressed as firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and hunters have been removed from the sales floor.

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