Communist China Funds “Racist” U.S. Open Borders Propaganda, Meanwhile It’s Impossible For Non-Chinese To Get Permanent Residence Status. Furthermore, China Imposes Prison Time, $3k Fine and Deportation For Illegal Aliens
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Illuminati Linked President Trump Begins “Fireside Chats” Directly To American People, Just Like Jewish Freemason President FDR, Before He Orchestrated False Flag In Hawaii That Pulled America Into WWII
“Artificial Intelligence is giving us [Jews] powers and prowess we’ve never had before. Cyber is a real domain of power” – Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu,…
Rupert Murdoch Who Owns Fox (666) News, MarketWatch and Barron’s Announced Trump’s U.S. Ends Fiscal 2017 With $666 billion budget deficit, Disaster Relief Up 33%
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