CHINA: Jewish Billionaire, Skull & Bones’ Member Stephen Schwarzman’s New World Order Scholarship Program

Confucius Institutes censor political discussions and restrain the free exchange of ideas.” And, he asked, “Why, then, do American universities sponsor them?” Professor Sahlins notes that the Confucius Institutes are “governed by a council of high state and party officials from various political departments and chaired by a member of the Politburo, Vice Premier Liu Yandong.” American university officials look the other way and pretend not to notice what the Confucius Institute and the China Students and Scholars Association are doing. But as Professor Sahlins charges, “by hosting a Confucius Institute, they have become engaged in the political and propaganda efforts of a foreign government in a way that contradicts the values of free inquiry and human welfare to which they are otherwise committed.” That is a rather mild condemnation of the blatant betrayal — not only of their students’ rights, but of American society — that these university officials are engaged in.” – Marchall Sahlins, University of Chicago anthropology professor emeritus, The Nation Magazine (2013) Article titled, “China U”

By Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 3/20/2018

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Jewish billionaire Stephen Allen Schwarzman is the chairman and CEO of The Blackstone Group, a global private equity firm he co-founded with former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Peter Peterson a former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In a 10/19/2016 article by In These Times titled, ‘3 Reasons To Be Worried About The Blackstone Group,” writer Branko Marcetic illustrates the connection between Hillary Clinton, her alleged pedophile campaign chair John Podesta and Johnathan Gray, the global head of real estate and member of the board of the Blackstone Group. In These Times’ article highlights the fact that Blackstone Group is (a) ‘In the slumlord business’ (b) ‘Engaged in shadow banking’ (c) ‘They want your retirement savings’.

Schwarzman also chaired President Donald Trump’s 16 members ‘Strategic and Policy Forum’ which was created to give the President ‘perspectives from business leaders on how to create jobs and improve growth for the U.S. economy’. However, there is a glaring conflict of interest when one examines the stated goal’s of Schwarzman, who is the founder of the ‘Schwarzman Scholars’ a globalist institution headquartered at Tsinghua University, located in Beijing, China. According to Schwarzman’s website, the Schwarzman Scholars was created to:

“…prepare the next generation of global leaders, Schwarzman Scholars is the first scholarship created to respond to the geopolitical landscape of the 21st Century. Whether in politics, business or science, the success of future leaders around the world will depend upon an understanding of China’s role in global trends.”

Schwarzman is clearly trumpeting ‘China’s role’ in future global trends, not America’s position. According to Schwarzman’s website: “With a $450 million endowment, Schwarzman Scholars will be the single largest philanthropic effort ever undertaken in China by largely international donors.” A quote from the 66th United States Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, is featured below the aforementioned endowment disclosure. In it Condoleeza bloviates about Schwarzman’s communist China based indoctrination center, stating:

“There is no better way than through the development of the next generation of leaders to ensure mutual respect and understanding going forward. That is the critical mission of the Schwarzman Scholars.”

As part of Schwarzman Scholars’ opening ceremony, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama sent the following congratulatory message to our inaugural class of scholars.

“Congratulations to the very first class of Schwarzman Scholars. You all are so incredibly talented and accomplished and I’m so proud of each and every one of you. I also want to congratulate Steve Schwarzman and Tsinghua University (China), along with everyone whose vision and tireless efforts made this program a reality. We know the challenges of the coming century will require each of us and especially our future leaders to put aside our differences and reach across borders and face our common challenges with a common resolve. And with the education and experience that you’ll all get at Schwarzman Scholars, I know that you’ll be ready to meet this moment. I wish you best of luck and can’t wait to see what you all will accomplish in the years ahead.”         

Each year 200 exceptional men and women will be accepted to Schwarzman’s program, 45% of those candidates are from the U.S. followed by China (20%) and rest of the world (35%). Schwarzman’s core curriculum, the website states, has been designed to:

“…build students’ leadership abilities and deepen their knowledge of China in a global context.”

Schwarzman’s Chinese centric curriculum is meant to serve as an ‘anchor for the rest of their studies’. Core courses include:

  • Chinese Culture, History and Values
  • Leading issues in the Global Economy
  • Leadership
  • Comparative Government
  • Leading Issues in International Relations

Schwarzman’s penchant for Communist China isn’t his only conflict of interest. Schwarzman’s Blackstone Group co-founder Peter Peterson’s association with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is exceedingly problematic considering the fact that the CFR was established, for the sole purpose of dismantling the United States of America, in order to bring about a One World Government. Jewish American banker, 33rd degree Freemason and CFR member James Warburg (1896-1969) announced On February 17, 1950 CFR’s goal, stating:

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.”

James Warburg’s father was Jewish banker Paul Warburg a colleague of Lord Rothschild. Paul Warburg is considered the ‘father’ of the privately controlled, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank, Inc.

To illustrate how the synagogue of Satan permeates global governance, consider the following link between the past and present.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, was reportedly instrumental in securing a pardon for Linda Sue Evans, a protégé of CIA financed Marxist Herbert Marcuse. Linda Evans was also a recipient of the Jewish billionaire investor George Soros’ ‘Justice Fellowship’ and worked alongside Barack Hussein Obama’s, George Soros’ funded Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN). George Soros’ son Jonathan Soros is connected to Bo Cutter (W. Bowman Cutter), a former senior economic policy advisor in the Clinton administration, member of President Obama’s transition team, Rhodes Scholar, and managing director of Warburg Pincus [1996-2009]. Warburg Pincus traces its roots back to Eric Warbug [1939]. Eric was the offspring of the Jewish Warburg banking family, the same family who controlled “Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben” or I.G. Farben, the giant German chemical firm which manufactured “Zyklon B,” a cyanide-based pesticide, which the cult of Holocaustism promotes as the poison Nazis used to allegedly kill Jews during WWII.     

In my book, I examine further the Jewish Warburg and Rothschild Family’s hand in orchestrating WWI, WWII, America’s Great Depression, etc. What’s more, I point out the stark similarities between President Donald Trump and President Harry S. Truman who was a 33rd degree Freemason and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

 One of the most perplexing determinations President Trump made during the early days of his administration was his choice to hire individuals who are members of New World Order, Secret Societies. For example:

  • Jewish billionaire Stephen Allen Schwarzman attended Yale University during the same period as George W. Bush, and both men were in the ‘Skull and Bones Society’.
  • President Trump’s Jewish National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President, 77th United States Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin was the CIO of Goldman Sachs and member of Yale’s “Skull and Bones”. Mnuchin is a Hollywood financier funding globalist, eugenicist, transgender, AI themed movies such as the X-men franchise, Avatar, The Lego Movie, American Sniper, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Central Intelligence, Suicide Squad, Storks, etc.
  • Rod J. Rosenstein was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice on January 13, 2017. Like President Trump, Rosenstein graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton School is closely linked to “The Tavistock Institute,” providing financial support as well as human intelligence [“HUMINT”]. Additional Tavistock investors include: The Rockefeller Foundation, Stanford Research Institute, The U.S. Office of Naval Research, the Science Policy Research Unit in England, MIT, Heritage Foundation, U.S. Air Force Intelligence, Institute for Policy Studies, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institute and Rand Corporation, a group who was once accused of being commissioned by the USSR (Russia) to work out terms of surrender of the United States Government. The following is a short history of the Tavistock Institute, which is an appendage of “The British Psychological Society” and its charter to bring about a New World Order through “The Science of Mass Manipulation through Crisis Creation.”
  • While seemingly unrelated to the Trump administration, it’s noteworthy to mention that former Jewish Secretary of State John Kerry (real last name Kohn) was a member of the “Skull and Bones Society”. For over two millennia the synagogue of Satan proxy bloodline of Kohn/Cohn/Cohen, a name which means, ‘Priest of Baal (Satan),” has plotted against all Christian and non-Jewish nations, leaving 100s of millions dead in their wake. Consider the following influence the offspring of Kohn/Cohen/Cohn has secretly had over the United States of America:
    • (a) Assistant Secretary for Department of Homeland Security [DHS] Alan Cohn.
    • (b) Tennessee’s Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen worked with Department of Homeland Security’s Alan Cohen to develop reeducation camps for American Patriots, Christians, etc.
    • (c) Jared Cohen – In 2010, the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, hired Jared Cohen to be President of “Google Ideas” which was recently renamed “Jigsaw”. Jared is an adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] an advisor to Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice an outspoken proponent of Schwarzman Scholars.

As I explain in my book at, the Jewish founder of the pseudoscience of psychology Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt, was associated with “Skull and Bones”. Wilhelm’s father Maximilian Wundt was a member of the Jewish mysticism based “Masonic Order of the Mustard Seed”. Maximilian concealed his Masonic allegiance under the veil of Lutheranism for which he was a pastor. Wundt’s grandfather Friedrich Peter Wundt, was a Lutheran pastor in Wieblingen and member of Adam Weishaupt’s Luciferian cult known as the “Illuminati”.

With the aforementioned data in mind, it’s not too difficult to ascertain where Schwarzman’s allegiance lies (China). The most troubling conclusion however is gleaned when one juxtaposes historical events and figures related to WWI, WWII with that of Stephen Schwarzman’s stated goal of placing Communist China’s culture, history, value and economy above the United States.

The most significant comparison between 1930s Germany and 2018 America that should be examined are the parallels between Germany’s weak link of import dependency, which was the trident in the heart of Germany’s economy, and America’s increasingly dangerous dependency on imports. Contrary to the opinions of those heavily invested in the virtual reality economy e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google, AI, etc., farming and factories are the foundation for prosperity, not financial speculation, Quantitative Easing (QE) as the synagogue of Satan would have you believe.

Have you stopped to consider what will happen when America’s fuel source runs out? The resulting effects are that tractors will no longer harvest, trucks no longer transport and grocery store shelves remain empty.

Currently up to 94% of many commodities and rare earth metals are sourced outside of the U.S. This has in large part been caused by the current global elite orchestrated U.S. permitting process which seeks to strangle U.S. independence from communist nations like China. These minerals are crucial to the production of Jet Fighters, antimissile defense systems, night vision goggles, smart bombs and other advanced military systems. In terms of consumer products these rare earth commodities are used inside of computers, cell phones, televisions, etc. What’s more they are essential to refining petroleum, manufacturing automotive catalytic converters, wind turbines and electric vehicles. China’s monopoly on the global rare earth minerals market is so significant in 2018 that it can cause a nationwide gas shortage overnight, effectively crippling U.S. agriculture, transportation, power and defense.

To understand what an ill prepared America would look like under a Chinese embargo all we have to do is study 1930s Germany, when Jews orchestrated a global boycott against their Nation. In 1933 two thirds of Germany’s food supply had to be imported, and it could only be imported with the proceeds of what they exported. Their labor.  So if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany’s population would have to starve. There just was not enough food for more than one third of the population. Now juxtapose the aforementioned statistics associated with 1930s Germany with that of 2004-06 America. According to

“The main sources of U.S. fresh fruit imports are banana-exporting countries, and the Southern Hemisphere and NAFTA regions. The banana exporters — Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama — are the largest providers of fresh fruit to the United States.

Together, these countries supply 36 percent of total U.S. fresh fruit imports, with bananas making up more than three-quarters of the fresh fruit value shipped by these equatorial countries to the United States. Southern Hemisphere countries — Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and Peru — supply 32 percent of U.S. fresh fruit imports. The NAFTA region supplies 27 percent of U.S. fresh fruit imports.

Bananas, grapes and tropical fruit, including pineapples, mangos, papayas and guavas, accounted for nearly two-thirds of the value of U.S. fresh fruit imports in 2004-06, with bananas alone representing a 44 percent value share of the combined imports for these three major fruit products.

The structure of the U.S. fresh fruit import mix, however, has changed substantially, particularly since the 1990s, as grape and tropical fruit imports have grown faster than bananas.

Blueberries are a good example of an item that has grown quickly and hugely over the past decade. Other fruits and vegetables, such as asparagus from Peru, are also inching toward the list of items that are outpacing banana imports.”

Americans must come to the realization that their Nation is being imploded from within by individuals like Stephen A. Schwarzman, who detests American ingenuity, the freedom associated with a free market system and above all else America’s Christian heritage. At this point in our Nation’s history it is critically important that every American get involved in the turn-around of our Nation. If they do not, a 1930s Germany will be our final destination and when it happens, Americans will go to bed in one nation and walk-up in another.

In a 1920 article Freemason Winston Churchill referred to so called Jews as “Terrorist Jews” he went on to further underline their role in Bolshevism, stating:

“There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshivism… by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one.”  

Why do you think Jews have been kicked out of more than 100 countries throughout history? In Russian Jews took over and killed more than 50 million innocent people. Then Jews instigated WWII and were able to kill millions of Germans and Americans. In Armenia Jews took over and killed more than 2 million innocent people. In the Ukraine Jews inside of Russia orchestrated “Extermination by hunger” that resulted in the murders of more than 12 million innocent people.

Jews do not consider themselves American, European, etc. and they certainly have no allegiance to, or reverence for Jesus Christ, they’re Jews first and foremost. And in a parasitical way they feed on their host nation with complete disregard for the nation’s health and safety of its citizens. Historically Talmudists have been destroyers. In 1924 Maurice Samuel in his book ‘You Gentiles’, p.155 Harcourt, Brace, stated as such: 

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own.”

On February, 1926, Marclis Eli Ravage in Century Magazine wrote:

“You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.”

On February 9, 1883, The Jewish World Magazine published a statement which read:

“The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of nations – a greater Judaism in fact – all the separate races and religions shall disappear.”

In Samuel Roth’s prose, ‘Jews Must Live’ (1934), p.64, he states:

“So swiftly and surely is the instinct of anti-Semitism awakened in a man…there is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fury of their persecutors.”

In 1933 Rabbi Stephen S. Wise provides us with an answer to the aforesaid question, stating:

“I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for sixty-three years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years.”


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