Black Ops Assassin Cody Snodgres, Unpacks ‘Operation Indigo Skyfall’


By Lisa  Phillips, OpDeepState, 2/3/2018

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In this podcast, researcher Ole Dammegard interviews former black ops independent contractor Cody Golden Elk Snodgres, who for more than 20 years was deeply involved in high level black operations, body guard work, assassinations, and blowing up buildings, etc.

After many years of silence he has now decided to step forward with explosive information in many different dark areas. This episode covers a highly top secret global and very sinister agenda under the name of Project Indigo Skyfall. The information comes from the highest level and several people have lost their lives while trying to expose it. It involves one of the MAJOR reasons behind CHEMTRAILS, FLOURIDE and GMOs, the devastating combined effect it has on the human body, and specifically the pineal gland.

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