GOOGLE: Did AI Orchestrate The Murder of Google Executive Timothy Hayes?

By Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 9/25/2017

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Throughout my book at, I invite readers to consider the exploitation and ritual sacrifice of over seventy celebrity and/or historic Scottish and Irish Americans.

While reading the data in my book and the following short article, I ask readers to consider both the way in which these people were murdered as well as the related date of sacrifice all of which are linked to an occult value e.g., 11, 13, 33, 44, 3, 7, 9, 21, 39, 93, 666, 222 etc. When one honestly evaluates the minority status of Scottish and Irish people throughout American history, then calculates the percentage of those who have achieved celebrity status, which is massively disproportionate to other nationalities, then calculates the chance of those Scottish and Irish celebrities dying mysteriously on a date which is occult related no less, let’s just say that skepticism regarding the existence of an ancient threat towards Scottish and Irish peoples is based upon an irrational basis.

Irish American Google Executive Timothy Hayes was descended from ancient Irish Christian Celts who fought against and defeated the ‘synagogue of Satan’ [Revelation 3:9]. At the time of Hayes death, he was working on Google X, (Click here to learn what the ‘X’ signifies to the ‘synagogue of Satan’) and the ‘Moon Shot’ program which is named after one of the synagogue of Satan’s principle demon gods Shamash, the 15ft tall giant sun god.

Hayes was sacrificed 23 November 2013 (20+13 = 33) using one of the synagogue of Satan’s most common methods of sacrifice, a drug overdose using Heroine. And the one who injected Hayes (Alix Tichelman) was a member of the synagogue of Satan and openly worshiped the Babylonian demon goddess Lilith. On her collar bone Tichelman has a tattoo which reads: Hell Is Love.

There is ample evidence which suggests someone or something at Google was aware of and watching Hayes virtual behavior and used that intelligence to orchestrate his death through predictive programming. For instance, November is the 11th month plus the day Hayes was sacrificed 23 = 34. Hayes was sacrificed on 2013 and to the synagogue of Satan, the number 13 represents Man (6) above God (7). What’s more, it’s common knowledge within the ‘techie’ community that the number 34 is referred to as ‘Rule 34’ (prevalent internet meme) which means, ‘If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.’ This is an interesting coincidence considering the propaganda which followed Hayes death, which stated that Hayes lived a pornographic lifestyle and was murdered by a prostitute. It begs the question. Did Google’s AI use both Hayes and Alix Tichelman’s virtual DNA to coordinate a meeting between the two? It’s my opinion this was an over the top effort by the synagogue of Satan to not only sacrifice Hayes, but assassinate his character. When broken down (1+1=2) 11 represents the 2 of duality. To occultists the number 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful and imperfect. Many of the elements associated with Hayes murder are consistent with other blood sacrifices which has been performed by the synagogue of Satan throughout history.

The relationship between Hayes ancient Christian Celtic ancestry, Rule 34, synagogue of Satan’s numerology [13=Man above God], Hayes Google project names [X, Moon Shot], Hayes murderer [Alix Tichelman] worship of the Babylonian demon goddess Lilith, all coinciding with the Babylonian ‘god’ Nimrod and his principle demon god Shamash suggest that Hayes was sacrificed.

Occult numerics permeate the synagogue of Satan created and controlled tech industry. For example, the original corporate identity of Google’s competitor, Microsoft [left] is encoded with the following Luciferian coding. In the fragmented tail you will see, [11+11+11=33]. To the ‘synagogue of Satan’ [1+1=2] 11 represent duality, the essence of all that is sinful, harmful and imperfect. It too symbolizes psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties which represents the synagogue of Satan’s androgyne symbol as well as the hermaphrodite principle of the two-faced entity or two-headed eagle which is featured throughout Freemasonry. In the Cabala, this amalgamation represents the feminine and masculine principle known as ‘Adam Kadmon,’ [Adam and Eve] otherwise known as Golem. This combination of opposites is part of alchemy, or hermeticism, which is beloved by Satanists. In witchcraft, they refer to this principle as the joining of sun and moon, for which sacred sex rituals are shared. In the multiple colored window portion of the Windows logo, the number 33 will appear to you as will the number 13. The logo also contains the value 133.335. The Dewey Decimal System classification number for Numerology is 133.335. If you reverse this and add, you get 133.335 + 533.331 = 666.666 [‘Mark of the Beast’ – Revelation 13:16-18]. With this knowledge in mind consider the fact that Google controls a Bermuda Post Office Box Number ‘666’ through which the company funnels over $8.9 billion dollars.



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