GEORGIA: White Couple Adopt Three Black Children With All-Seeing-Eye In Background

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By ABC 11 News, 8/30/2018

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Ten-year-old Ivey Zezulka learning that she’s going to be adopted by her foster family might be the most heartwarming thing you’ll see today.

Her foster parents Paige and Daniel recently surprised her with the news that they had finalized plans to adopt Ivey and her biological siblings Kai, 3, and Lita, 2, who had all spent years in foster care.

“She’s been living with a question mark of what will happen,” Ivey’s mom told ABC News. “We love her birth family and she loves them too, but it became (that) with us was where she wanted to be.”

Paige and Daniel broke the news to Ivey on a framed note they had wrapped and placed inside a gift box, and they recorded their new daughter’s heartfelt reaction to their announcement.

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