Jared Kushner’s Proposed Middle East “Peace” Deal? Give Muslim Arab Nations $50 Billion, Double What It Costs To Built U.S. Border Wall

“This is the same Rupert Murdoch, by the way, who is a major shareholder in Genie Israel Holdings, Ltd., along with Satanist Lord Jacob Rothschild. It’s noteworthy to mention that Genie Energy’s Chairman is a General in the Israeli Army who in a 2004 interview with The New Yorker said about all Palestinians ‘We will have to kill them all’. In short what Americans must realize is that Rupert Murdoch and the Satanic Rothschild Family have a vested interest in perpetual war between America and the entire Middle East. This is why the Jewish owned and controlled movie, television and music industry continue to associate satanic, godless logos, namely the eye of Satan and Nimrod with America.” – Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of Newgrange (2014) “Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Remphan,” pp.237-247 

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New York Post, 6/22/2019

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The Trump administration unveiled an unprecedented proposal Saturday to end the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, offering to create a $50 billion fund to generate prosperity — and peace — throughout the Middle East.

The White House rolled out a suite of 179 business and infrastructure projects that presidential adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner will present to a gathering of Arab political and business leaders in Bahrain next week.

“This is going to be the opportunity of the century if they have the courage to pursue it,” Kushner told Reuters.

But officials from the Palestinian territories are boycotting the meeting and representatives from Israel are staying away at the White House’s request — an indication of how challenging it will be to make the proposal a reality.

Kushner will make his pitch mainly to officials from the wealthy Gulf states and to the private investors who would provide much of the funding for the “Peace to Prosperity” plan.

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