Jewish Home Depot Co-Founder, Who’s Eliminated 4,000 Locally Owned Hardware Stores Over 10-Year Period, Hates Jewish Invented Communism

“4000 locally owned hardware stores have closed down in the past ten-years.” – North American Retail Hardware Association

Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus was born to Russian Jewish immigrant parents in Newark, New Jersey. Bernard’s business partner Arthur Blank was born to a Jewish family in Flushing, New York. (read more) February 8, 2019

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The push for socialism in America is coming right out of the universities, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus said.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Marcus talked about the decline of Venezuela and Cuba and how it served as a “perfect example of socialism gone wrong.”

“They [Cuba] took a great country and they put it right down the drain in every way possible,” he said. “People are starving to death. Medical [care] is not available for them.”

“And we have a group of people in Washington today, new representatives especially, that look at socialism as the way to go and if you don’t think that’s dangerous, I do.”

He said this push for socialism in the US begins in college.

“It comes right out of the universities. You see students graduating today and a very high percentage… almost 50% of students coming out of universities today believe that socialism is the answer,” Marcus added. “That’s frightening to me because the things that made this country great, that created the wealth of this country, and I mean the wealth of every single person right down the line, the best medical care in the world, the best housing in the world, that’s why people want to come here, is because of the system, and that’s the free enterprise system.”

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