MISSOURI: Black Serial Killer Fredrick Demon(d) Scott, Threatened to, ‘Kill All White People’ Murders 6 White People In Occult Ritual

“In addition to Walt Disney’s intimate association with Mary Baker’s 2nd Church of Christ cult, there are several keys in the aforementioned information which seems to indicate that Walt Disney had a lifelong association with the ‘synagogue of Satan,’ these include the fact that Isis Theatre, and Walt’s “Laugh-O-Gram Films” Corporate offices both shared the same 31st and Troost address. It will be remembered that Osiris was chopped into 13 pieces by Seth. Isis, the wife of Osiris, obsessed with her husband’s penis, searched far and wide for it; we’re told that Osiris’ penis was eaten by a fish. Osiris’ lost penis is symbolized in Egyptian obelisks which are commonly located inside of a circle, which represents female genitalia. Walt Disney knew that the Isis Theater was an occult alter built to honor the ‘god’ Osiris and his wife Isis and yet Walt Disney made the conscious decision to debut his first 6 cartoons here. The picture below features the Isis Theater and Mary Baker Eddy’s 2nd Church of Christ Science streaming the Star of Remphan (Satan) between their buildings and all the way down Troost. It will be remembered that the six pointed Star of Remphan (Satan) contains dimensions which contain the “Mark of the Beast” 666. Compounding the occult significance of the Isis building is its address, “31st”. Since antiquity the number 31 has been associated with a three day festival named “Samhain” a festival dedicated to the Celtic lord of the dead. During the celebration men, women and children would be sacrificed to the sun god. One of the most popular Samhain celebrations occurs on October 31st [Halloween], where people blissfully carve pumpkins [“Jack-O-Lanters”]. During the Samhain celebration the Druids would create “Corpse Candles” [“Jack-O-Lanters”] and fill them with the fat of humans previously sacrificed to the lord of the dead. Druids would also go door-to-door yelling “Trick or Treat” and if the owner of the residence didn’t offer up a “Treat” [a human sacrifice] they would receive a Star of Remphan [Satan] on their door a star with 6 points, inside of a circle (hexagram) painted with blood. Druids believed the 6 pointed star would cause those inside to be tormented by demons. It’s interesting that “6” is the number of cartoons Walt Disney premiered at the Isis Theatre.” –, pgs. 186-187

By Fox 4, 3/2/2018

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The Kansas City man suspected of killing three people, including two along Indian Creek Trail and one in Grandview, now faces charges in three additional murders in south Kansas City, including that of a popular local business owner.

On Friday Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker charged Fredrick Scott, 23, with the murder of David Lenox, Timothy Rick and Michael Darby. He faces three additional first-degree murder charges and three additional armed criminal action charges.

Scott already faced three first-degree murder charges and three armed criminal action charges.

Police believe Scott shot and killed Karen Harmeyer, 64, in July. Her body was found in Grandview. Prosecutors charged him in October with first-degree murder and armed criminal action related to her death.

In August, Fredrick Scott was charged with the murders of Steven Gibbons, 57, and John Palmer, 56. Gibbons was killed near 67th and Troost Avenue on August 13, 2017 and Palmer was found dead near E. Bannister and Lydia Avenue on August 19, 2016.

Gibbons’ and Palmer’s murders were part of a string of unsolved murders that occurred in the Indian Creek area. After his arrest for their murders, prosecutors said Scott was also considered a suspect in three other killings along the Indian Creek Trail and in south Kansas City.


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“…the apostle [Muhammad] said, “Whoever wants to see Satan let him take a look at Nabtal b. al-Harith!” He was a sturdy black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.” – The Life of Muhammad, pg. 243

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