Son of Israeli Politician Linked To Founder of The World Zionist Organization “We’re Forced To Practice Satanism In Modern Israel”
“Supporters of the American Council for Judaism have recently attacked the Zionist program [Zionist Organization of America “ZOA”] for its primarily “political” and “nationalistic” aims.…
Israeli Children Suing State For Not Being Aborted. These People Have Nukes, Controlling Interest In U.S. Media, Military & Artificial Intelligence
“Steinberg claims that some malpractice lawyers are travelling to small communities around the country where inbreeding is more common in search of potential clients.” –…
NY Port Authority Installs Islamic Statue Near 9/11 Blood Ritual Site That Reads, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”
“How The Ancient Jewish Tradition of ‘Fake-Hate’ Created Islam” (read more) By Gateway Pundit, 1/9/2019 Americans were outraged after a nine-foot tall statue celebrating Saudi…